Training students


This service is provided for students and collegians in the government and private universities and collegesto give them training at the authority according to their majors.

Who can request this service

Students who are studying, at the time of training, in governmentand private universities and colleges

Steps to follow to request the service

  1. Process steps:
    • Receive a letter from the college or the university (government or private) seeking to train student at the Public Authority for Radio and Television mentioning major and period of training requested.
    • Ensure that the student is still studying at the mentioned university or college.
    • Ensure that the major is appropriate and available at the Public Authority for Radio and Television.

  2. List of Forms and procedures required:
    • Keep regular hours of training after the application is accepted.

What documents are needed to process

  • A letter from the college or university (government or private)requestingtraining.
  • A copy of passport or ID card.
  • A copy certificate.
  • Personal photos.

How the service is processed

The application can be submitted via fax or e-mail or in person.

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