Sponsoring programs on Oman Radio channels(General channel, Youth channel, English )


This service is offered to individuals who own local or international companies and establishments and to government entities (e.g. the Ministry of Tourism) to sponsor Oman Radio programs whether for commercial or awareness purposes.

Who can request this service

Owners of local or international companies and establishmentsand government entities.

Steps to follow to request the service

Submit a request via e-mail or fax.

What documents are needed to process

  • Official request letter to broadcast from the establishment. It shall include: (Startand end dates of broadcasting the sponsorship, number of sponsorships in the tape and its duration and number of times of broadcast per 24 hours).
  • Bill issued by the Department of Advertisement and Marketing at the Auditory Division.
  • Receipt of payment either cash or by bank transfer.

How the service is processed

Submit a request via fax, e-mail or by hand During working hours

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