Rains in northern Oman to continue

By Staff Reporter — MUSCAT: April 29 – Thundershowers will continue over the Al Hajar Mountains and the northern parts of Oman in the coming days, said Oman Meteorology on Saturday. The areas affected with rains and over flowing wadis were Ibra, Madha, Samayil, Bahla, Qalhat, Dibba, Ibri, Nizwa, Mudhaibi, Yanqul, Jebel Shams, Al Hamra and Izki. “Mainly clear skies over most of the Sultanate with chance of convective clouds development and isolated rain over Al Hajar Mountains and adjoining areas during afternoon. Chances of late night to early morning low level clouds or fog patches formation over parts of the South Sharqiyah, Wusta and Dhofar governorates and along Oman Sea coasts,” said the statement. In Muscat, the maximum temperatures will continue to be around 36 degrees and the night tempertures around 27 degrees.